Our online IELTS and PTE preparation courses provide you a flexible and inspiring opportunity to take preparation for your future IELTS and PTE (Pearson Test of English) exams.


Our online IELTS and PTE courses are divided into four modules, like: listening, speaking, reading and writing, so that learners can focus on the four skills of English language according to the requirement of IELTS and PTE exam. This type of online based preparation course gives you flexibility to study from your own home and form your own comfort level. We provide both Academic and General IELTS and PTE exam preparation courses online and in-person.


Our tutors will provide you with any-time online help when you need them most, with the help of online video conference. Moreover, you can access our online IELTS and PTE course practice materials anytime in our student zone.

In our online course, our expert teacher utilizes the resources of the IELTS and Pearson Test of English (PTE) preparation materials and her own teaching materials which students will be able to access from their own student accounts.

According to the needs of students, we provide two different types of online course: Comprehensive and Short course.

Suggested hours of learning:

The online course contains of the following:

  1. Comprehensive Course:

Listening: 20 hours

Academic Reading: 20 hours

General Training Reading: 20 hours

Academic Writing: 20 hours



Training Writing: 20 hours

Speaking: 20 hours


  1. Short Course:

Listening: 4 hours

Speaking: 4 hours

Reading (Academic / General): 4 hours

Writing: 4 hours


3. Combined Courses:

We can also provide a combined course package where a student can take the facility of both in-class teaching facility and online teaching. For in person sessions, teachers can meet them in local community centre and provide them one-to-one support to practice the productive skills (writing and speaking), while the foremost target of the online sessions will be to help students to practice their receptive skills (listening & reading). In this type of combined courses are designed to give students best support according to their needs.

Life in the UK Course: 

We provide both onlne and centre based Life in the UK preparaton course. We will ensure:


-Best tuition support

-Quality resources

- Mock exam practice


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